Best Winter Activities in Québec

As the snow blankets Quebec, we're excited to share an exclusive Winter Adventure Guide with you. Whether you're a fan of icy escapades, cultural festivities, or cozy indoor retreats, this guide has something for everyone.

Winter Carnaval

January 25 to February 11, 2024

Québec Winter Carnival, one of the world's largest winter carnivals, welcomes thousands of visitors annually. The 70th-anniversary edition in 2024 spans 18 days, offering a diverse range of activities. Enjoy ice sculptures, night parades, ice canoe races, musical performances, and Bonhomme's renowned Ice Palace.

Lower Town Parade (February 3) 

Starts at intersection of 3e Avenue and 1re Rue.

Follows 3e Avenue, concluding at the corner of 3e Avenue and 18e Rue.

Upper Town Parade (February 10) 

Starts at intersection of Grande Allée and Avenue des Érables. 

Follows Grande Allée, concluding near the Parliament building.

International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament

February 7-18, 2024

Experience hockey fever at Québec City's International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament. For 62 years, the Videotron Centre has hosted this global event, showcasing 11 and 12-year-old talents worldwide. 

Attend a game to witness the excitement as they vie for glory, offering a glimpse of potential future NHL stars. Spectators converge to cheer for young athletes defending their colors. 

Immerse yourself in the tournament's rich legacy while supporting the next generation of hockey stars at the Vidéotron Center.

Village Nordik in Port Quebec

February 2, to March 10, 2024

Discover ice fishing with a view in the heart of Old City at Village Nordik. Enjoy music, a footpath, family play areas, and warm inflatable igloos for a unique experience. 

Located in the Bassin Louise, the Village Nordik at the Port of Quebec offers an unprecedented urban winter event. Immerse yourself in downtown Quebec with ice fishing in inflatable igloos or directly on the pool. A distinctive family adventure awaits in this exceptional winter setting.

Snow Pentathlon

February 17 to 25, 2024

A multisport event unique in the world and accessible to all: cycling, running, skiing, skating and snowshoeing are on the program.

Join the world's biggest winter multisport event, where locals and visitors tackle skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, running, and biking. Teams range from families to companies, schools, and seniors. Some athletes even conquer the entire event solo or in pairs—impressive feats in a remarkable winter setting. 

Location: Plaines d'Abraham

Igloofest Québec

March 7 to 9, 2024

Electronic music and visual art enthusiasts rejoice as Igloofest hits Québec City this winter. Experience the coolest music festival globally during its second edition. Join thousands of fans dancing under the stars, surrounded by icy decor and striking architectural set design. 

With a lineup featuring the best local and international DJs, Igloofest Quebec promises to be one of this winter's hottest events in the city. Groove to the beats and celebrate the season in style. 

The event is reserved for 18 y/o and over.

Bataille Royale-Shred The North FIS World Cup

March 22 to 24, 2024

Join the action at Bataille Royale, a key event in Canada Snowboard's Shred the North Series World Cups. This spectacle includes an individual World Cup and a team World Cup, featuring the world's best Snowboard Cross athletes. 

Once again, Québec will host the snowboard cross FIS World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne this winter. Be ready for thrilling competitions and witness top-tier snowboarding talent in action.

Fat Bike

Fat bikes, a subgenre of mountain bikes with wide tires, provide enhanced traction on snow and sand due to their wider contact patch and low air pressure. Riding requires no special lessons; it's akin to regular biking with adjustments for snow. 

Accessible rentals make it budget-friendly, with bikes available in hourly blocks at most trail centers. Fat biking offers active contemplation of winter landscapes, providing warmth and access to scenic spots. Ideal for packed snow and groomed trails, these bikes open up winter vistas. 

Explore Québec City Area's fat bike trails for an immersive winter biking experience. Find locations for your Fat Bike experience here.

Village Vacances Valcartier

All year round!

Located just twenty minutes north of Québec City, Valcartier Vacation Village stands as the largest outdoor winter recreational center in North America. Open year-round, it caters to all seasons with family-friendly activities.

In winter, explore 35 tobogganing runs, including extreme options like Snow Rafting and the Tornado. In summer, enjoy 35 water slides, a massive wave pool, and thematic rivers. Bora Parc, an indoor water park, offers year-round aquatic fun with 14 slides, a wave pool, double surf wave, and an exciting river adventure. With an ice hotel, top-notch restaurants, a spa, and more, Valcartier is an all-encompassing destination for guests of all ages.

Hôtel de Glace

Early January to end of March.

Experience the unique charm of North America's only Ice Hotel, crafted entirely from ice and snow. Each winter brings a new theme, transforming the hotel into a spectacular work of art. Opening on January 4, this architectural marvel stands open from January to March. 

Explore the Grand Hall, chapel, ice slide, rooms, and suites, concluding your tour at the Ice Bar with a cocktail served in an ice glass. Whether for a day visit or a daring overnight stay, Hôtel de Glace offers a wintry romantic retreat or a memorable gathering with family and friends. Don't miss this ultimate winter experience!

Winter is in full swing, and there's no better time to embrace the magic and wonder of the season. From snowy adventures to cozy moments spent by the fire, our guide has been your ultimate resource for making the most of winter in Quebec. But our winter journey is far from over! With so much more to see, do, and experience, there's no limit to the excitement that awaits. Keep the winter spirit alive and let's keep exploring together. To dive deeper into the winter wonderland of Quebec, click here.